Server 2000 as VM on Hyper-v 2012

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Is there any work around for running Server 2000 as a VM on Hyper-v 2012. The Integration Services aren't supported when trying to install them on the Server 2000 VM.

I am in the process of putting the services on this server to another 2008 Server, but I need to run it for a few weeks more.
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if you need to run legacy OS's like 2000 I would reccomend using vmware esxi or vmware workststaion.  It has native support for everything back to DOS 6.22.  HyperV only works well with 2008 and above, even 2003 its a pain to get working.


Yeah its running on esxi right now hardware on my hyper-v server is alot better than my esxi server ...thus the reason why I would like to move it to hyper v server.
well it definitely wont work with hyperV directly.  what if you built a win 7 vm in hyperV and then installed vmware workstation and installed 2000 on vmware workststion.

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