Hyper-V Server 2012 (Datacenter) on VMware

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We are currently running Datacenter 2012 and are looking to move all of our VM's offsite to a hosted provider who utilizes VMware, I wanted to see if there are any issues re purposing our DC 2012 license to run in a VMware environment?

Essentially we are looking to purchase 1 VM from the SP for DC 2012 and run as many Hyper-V instances as we need within DC 2012.  Is this a possibility?

I know VMware provides some support possibly in a limited capacity on 5.1?
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you cant run HYPER-V on already virtualized server.

and here is license guide for Virtualizing 2012 in vmware and Hyper-v



I guess I should rephrase slightly....

with datacenter I should be able to run as many instances of Windows Server 2012 as I want on one ESX host correct?
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I believe VMWare CAN allow Hyper-V to run in it's VMs... but it's a REALLY unwise thing to run production servers in a virtualized machine inside a virtualized machine.

As for licensing, if your Data center license came with the hardware it's running on, you CANNOT move it.  You can continue to use it on that hardware with as many VMs as you can make that hardware support, but that license cannot be moved nor can the licenses to run VMs be moved to other systems.

If the Data center license was a retail or Volume license, you CAN move it provided you completely remove it from the existing system and remove ALL VMs.  Further, transferring of licenses is only permitted ONCE every 90 days.

you are probably right it looks it working with some hack but i thing no SP will do it.

I whose trying it in workstation this works but never on ESXi


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