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Prashant Girennavar
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Hello Experts,

I am having big time trobule in linking 2 vSphere 5.1 vCenter servers. Below is the summary.

I have 2 vCenter servers 5.1 Namely

 Both vCenters are in same domain and DNS is also looks good.

I have installed Primary SSO on and I have used SSO credentials to join my so that they can be linked. I have gone thorugh below documents. SSO is in Mulitsite mode.

Everything looks good , but when I try using vSphere client to login to my it shows me an error message

"You Don't have permission to login to this server : <>

but when I try logging in to  - it logs me in , but throws an message

"Unable to connect to"

I refererred below documents , but it did not help me

Looks like - Liked mode is deleting my vCenter permission , I am not sure whether there is an default account exists from where I can login and add teh vCenter permission (AD Group) once again.

Can anyone let me know , how to come over from this dilemma...? if some has steps to be followed  please let me know.

Its been a long time and I see there is not much information in internet as well.


-Prashant Girennavar.
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Bradley FoxLAN/WAN Systems Administrator

See if adding yourself to the ESXi Admins Active Directory group helps.  You may have to create it if it doesn't exist.  I'm not entirely sure if it will work for vCenter or just the ESXi systems.
Did you try yourself to login using the "admin" account created during the install?

The behavior of adding local Windows Administrators group changed in vCenter v5.1 and it does not get added into the vCenter Administrator role by default. You need to manually add the username you want into the domain group and set permissions accordingly.
Thank you.

I dont know for what good reason vCenter deletes my previous permissions. I have added myself to administrator list when installing vCenter. Now it works good.

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