How many servers can I setup with one Server 2008 R2 Enterprise virtual key?

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We only plan to keep two computers on at the same time but can we keep  setting up multiple servers with the same virtual key. Is this something based on trust with virtual keys or after a certain designated limit will it stop us from setting up servers with this same virtual key?
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The rule is, if you have a single Windows Server 2008 R2 and you use hyperV. Your host license covers you the windows server license for four virtual machines

In another hand, if the question is not about virtualization, licenses work like this:

OEM - You shall activate it just in the hardware where the OEM logo and Key are attached

Retail - Install for just one server

Volume Licensing - MAK. You can install it and activate in the amount of servers that your contract allows it. Each time that you activate one license it is counted in your contract, after raising your activation limit is not possible to activate additional servers

Volume Licensing - KMS. Is suppose to be activated just one, and them this service will activate as much servers as your contract allows you
I would say it's based on trust, and maybe the occasional on-line check. ;)

The licensing agreement with Enterprise allows you to set up four virtual servers, plus one for a Hyper-V host if that's your hypervisor. The next step up, DataCenter, is unlimited. Keep in mind, this is VIRTUAL. You are limited to a single PHYSICAL server, with 8 physical CPUs as the limit for Enterprise.

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