Single Windows Server on Hyper-V 2012 host?

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Is there a compelling reason to virtual a single server (Windows Essential 2012) using Hyper-V if I use ShadowProtect with bare metal restores?
I don't anticipate adding any other servers to the Hyper-V host.
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IT Manager
The only reason would be if you like to keep the options open for additional virtual servers.

Keep in mind that Essential edition doesn’t have Hyper-V licensing rights (not sure if it even has the Hyper-V role), so if you want to virtualize it you will have to use the free Hyper-V Server 2012 or 2008, or buy additional Windows Server 2012 Standard licence.


Yes, I'm aware of needing to use the free Hyper-V.

Are there any other advantages other than additional virtual servers--any other features that Microsoft only adds to Hyper-V?

Any limitations of the free Hyper-V except for the lack of a GUI?
Svet PaperovIT Manager

No, that's all.

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