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Community.  I am using vCenter Server 5.0.0.  I have two hosts I want to connect to. Once is running vSphere Client 5.0.0 and the other is vShpere Client 5.1.0 on ESXi v5.1.0.

I can connect to Client 5.0.0 with vCenter 5.0.0 but when I try to connect to the Client 5.1.0, even though I'm able to go through the motion of adding it, it times out and enters a disconnected state.  See screenshot.

I thought I may need to update my vCenter Server to 5.1.0 in order to see vSphere 5.1.0 but I wasn't sure.

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For you to be able to connect ESXi 5.1 hosts you will need to upgrade vCenter to 5.1 as well.  Keep in mind that it will require you to install the SSO and Invetory service which are new..as part of the upgrade

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