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ASP.NET MVC and JQuery : How to show the JQuery Grid in Edit replaced by dropdowns, textboxes etc

Hi All,

I am using the ASP.NET MVC and JQuery Grid to show the data on a grid as shown on Screenshot1 but I want to have a "Edit" button outside the JQuery grid, so when I click this "Edit" button, I would like to present the JQuery Grid in edit mode to replace all the grid rows for certain columns say "Budget Status" by a dropdown values of "Allocated, Obligated and Invoiced" and "Budget Amount" by a textbox, as shown in Screenshot 2.

Please provide me with the probably solutions. Thanks so much,
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I haven't use the jqueryGrid so just throwing out an idea here.
On Edit click hide the readonly fields and show editable fields. You can add some class to those fields if necessary to identify that easily. Keep a variable to track the view if necessary.
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Thanks for your comments, however, could somebody provide me with few more probable solutions or throw some specific code samples where I can play around little bit more.

I am fairly new to using jQuery grid, but my project is already using lot of JQuery grids for displaying data on the grid.

Right now, I am looking for some dynamic popup that should get open up on click of any row of JQuery Grid rows. The popup contains 3 fields such as one textbox "Budget Amount", One dropdown "Quantity" and another dropdown for "Budget Status" and also this popup would contain the button "Save Changes". After we make changes on these fields of popup, user clicks on "Save Changes" button, then these updates are posted to the server. This is my requirement.
Please provide me with some possible solutions as this is really important and in need of urgent solutions.

Thanks so much,
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Thanks for providing probable solutions for this. Posting some other question as a New Question. For now, I am ok with this. Thanks so much,