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Getting DHCP server to add clients to the DNS server

I have a windows 2008 STD 64 Bit server with DHCP enabled and DNS enabled I am trying to get the DHCP server to automaticly add an A record of the DHCP clients to the DNS server but not succeding could anyone give me a walk through on how to achive this, the DHCP server is working fine i am not sure about the DNS server

Hope someone can help
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Configure DNS dynamic updates for DHCP clients on the dns server.

For info refer below article:
@sushil84 - please refrain from posting comments that simply duplicate the information given in a previous post :-(

As posted above, windows clients have had the capability to perform dynamic dns registration for many versions/years.

However, I have seen in many environments alternative clients that do not perform dynamic dns registration and so will assume that this is the reason you wish to setup DHCP to perform registration on their behalf.

It is really quite simple to establish and the answer has already been posted above so I will not re-post and cause any upset.

I believe KCTS was first to give you the required solution.

Regards to All,