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MS Access 2007 Insert data with Apostrophe

I am developing an MS Access application and inserting data using VBA into a table.  When I have an apostrophe I receive an error.  

I know in VB6 I had to write a routine to resolve that but I do not remember the code.

Any idea how to write a Function that would allow you to pass in the text field and process it then return the corrected result?

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Actually, using the previous method, it removes the single quote, which is one way to handle it, but generally not the best.

The best way to do it in a SQL string is to use:

strSQL = 'INSERT INTO yourTable (NumericField1, TextField2, DateField3) ' _
            & 'Values (' & me.txt_NumericField & ', ' _
                                 & REPLACE(me.txt_TextField2, chr$(39), chr$(39) & chr$(39)) & ', ' _
                                 & '#' & me.txt_DateField & '#)'

Note that I replaced the single quotes with a pair of single quotes.  Access (and most RDBMSs) will interpret this as a single quote.

The other way to do this is to simply open the recordset, use the AddNew method and write the values of the fields using text like:

     rs!Field1 = me.txt_Field1
     rs!Field2 = me.txt_Field2
     rs!Field3 = me.txt_Field3

When you write the values like this, they you don't need to wrap them in single quotes so there is no conflict with imbedded single quotes.