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Outlook 2013 not connecting to exchange 2013

Dear all,

I have exchange 2013 new environment installed from scratch.
All clients have outlook 2013.
When I try OWA, it’s working fine without any problem.
When I try to outlook, the configuration not working with the below problems:

Computer join to domain
Log in using the same user which we try to configure outlook for
There is a VLAN’s for servers and clients.
Computer is up to date.

So, what’s the problem? Is a ports? Or DAG subnet? Or something else, please help.

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Swapnil Nirmal
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From that workstation, can you ping your Exchange server by name?
To me it look more like a DNS issue.
Also try a telnet from that workstation to your exchange.
Exchange 2013 clients only connect via Outlook Anywhere, there is no MAPI over TCP connection. The server name is also unique for each user.
You have to allow Autodiscover to do it thing, so this would tend to point to a problem with the SSL certificate, host name, DNS or Autodiscover configuration.

Do you have a commercial SSL certificate in place?
Have you configured Exchange to use that SSL certificate host name correctly?

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i can ping the server
i can telnet to 443 & 80 ports

certificate working fine without any problem. it's from DigiCert

but still i have the same problem
I would have to point the finger at the VLAN configuration.
I rebuild my Exchange 2013 lab this afternoon in less than three hours and it worked straight away, no changes were required. There is additional layer of complexity in the VLAN.
Did you test everything before making any changes?

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Hi Simon,

What do you mean in "Did you test everything before making any changes?" ?

Actually this is a new installation, so nothing been changed until now.

Now, while the Outlook trying to configure it self, what are the ports required to be open between VLAN's?
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Dear All,

when i create a new user from exchange 2013, outlook configured and working fine.

when i used existing user from AD and assign him email, it's not working
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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