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Setting a Public Property with a variable.

I have a Class with several properties called Priority1, Priority2,Priority3....through Priority11  Each has a Get/Set construct

 Public Property Priority1 As Integer
            Return pPriority1
        End Get
        Set(value As Integer)
            pPriority1 = value
        End Set
    End Property

When saving from my code behind, I want to set the property with a variable something like this:

                For i = 1 To 11
                    ti = "txtPriority" & i
                    Dim li = "Priority" & i
                    tb = DirectCast(RowItem.Cells(1).FindControl(ti), TextBox)
           = tb.Text  **** This is the line that is not working

Is there anyway to set the property with a variable?  

Thank you for any help.
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use this function to set object property by its name:
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sedwick:  Do I only need to set the PropertyName parameter?
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Be aware that the method overload of GetProperty(String) is case-sensitive. You will need to pass the name of the property to the propertyName variable exactly how it is written (with respect to character casing) in your class; otherwise, the property will not be found.

The first parameter to that function is the instance of the class for which you want to set a value on its property (e.g. tb); the second is the name of the property you want to set; the third is the value you want to set for that property.
Thank you.  I have it working now.  Much appreciated.