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Can't log into yahoo account, but that account is spamming

So, a client of mine had a free email account.
I'll call it

He quit using it a long time ago, but recently it's been spamming people. I advised him to log in and change the password.

He couldn't get logged in. It just keeps telling you that you don't have the right info.
The "forgot password" link asks for the email address and last name, but it says you don't have the right info and that it's possible the account has been merged with another AT&T account. So I assumed it was his u-verse account. I read that the yahoo account would have the same password as the att account if you reset the att password so I did.

I still could not log in to the yahoo account with and the new password.

Does anyone know what I can do to get back into this account. At this point he just wants to delete that account.

Sorry for the post in the email clients topic, but it was the closest I could find to my problem.

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looks like someone has hacked into and changed all the details so its no longer his account.
they need to contact Yahoo ad tell them what's happened
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If the account details in Yahoo haven't been changed, you might be able login at http:/ using his Facebook or Gmail information.  If he doesn't have an account make one before trying.
Go to the page: click on signin - put in correct user account ID ( information and at the bottom of the popup click either Facebook or Gmail.  If your Yahoo information matches you will get access.
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If the account has actually been "hijacked", it wouldn't be likely that any link to Facebook or Gmail would still work. Those would be unlinked by the hijacker to prevent recovery of the account. It's possible they'll work; just don't plan on it. In fact, don't plan on the account still even being active at all.

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this appears to be the best solution since i have had no luck getting into the account via other means.
Since the client doesn't care about this email address any more we'll do this.

Thanks for all your comments