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Help with function (ASP/VB Script)

I am using ASP / VB Classic.
The following function will return the date as:  01/01/2013, which is good, but I also need to enter the time along with the date. (Down to seconds)

Can you please provide the necessary code to change it so that it includes time after the date ?


<% function todayStr()
     dim theDate, theDay, theMonth
     theDate = FormatDateTime( now, 2)
     theMonth = Month(theDate)
     if CInt( theMonth ) < 10 then theMonth = "0" & theMonth

     theDay = Day( theDate )
     if CInt( theDay ) < 10 then theDay = "0" & theDay

     todayStr = theMonth & "/" & theDay & "/" & Year(theDate)
end function

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Perfect !