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Declare SQL Variable for Column

Hey there,

I'm doing some initial review of data in SQL.  Things like:

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT mycolmnname) FROM mytable
SELECT COUNT (mycolumnname) FROM mytable
SELECT TOP 10 (mycolumnname) FROM mytable

I've got a ton of tables and columns to do this with so I thought I could use a variable in my query rather than replacing the column name every time.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  

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try for example

exec sp_MSforeachtable 'SELECT  ''?'' Tablename, count(*) ''Rows'' FROM ?';

Creating your own sp_MSforeach stored procedure
That's not a good approach, unless the tables are tiny.

You should count all columns within the same table in a single SELECT statement for all columns, not a separate SELECT for every column: that way, SQL only has to scan the table once to get all the totals.

I'll provide a script for that as soon as I can.
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Hey guys - thanks for the EXCELLENT responses and sorry for the delay.  I've actually completed this task by hand (replacing mycolumnname each time).  

So, is there nothing simple I can put at the top of the query editor window that can allow me to do this?  

Excuse my faux syntax but something like:
USE mydb

SET @tablename = 'persons'
SET @columnname = 'lastname'

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT @columnname) FROM @tablename
SELECT COUNT (@columnname) FROM @tablename
SELECT TOP 10 (@columnname) FROM @tablename


You know - just something simple.  

Thanks again for the responses.