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Positioning Menu and login controls within a html logo.

I have a Logo positionied on my web site using the following css:

.logo a{ background:url(../images/logo_.png) no-repeat; display:block; width:1000pxheight:85px;

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I now wish to position 2 more elements:
1: A simple menu ("Home", "About", "Contact Us")
2: Login controls. (2 text boxes in a row for username and password and a 'login' button)

How can I set the positon of my menu so that it is relative to the position of the logo? e.g. If the logo starts at 0,0 then I want to positon the menu at positon 100, 50 (100 across and 50 down) and the login controls at positon 300, 10 (300 across and 10 down)

I want to do this because I dont want the menu and login controls to clash with each other.
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Without a link so we can see what we are working with it is like asking us to thread a needle while wearing boxing gloves.  We might hit it with a guess or it might still be unresolved a month from now.

Please provide a link or image of what should we do.. Its not easy to just tell. So please provide us an image or the link of your website.