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Unable to connect Office 365 migration tool to Exchange 2007

Hi There,
I am trying to setup a cutover migration for this customer ( to migrate from SBS 2008 with Exchange 2007 to Office 365 with Windows Essentials Server 2012.
I have tested the using Outlook Anywhere and RPC and it works perfectly.
We are using s single name SSL Go Daddy certificate but this works perfectly with Outlook Anywhere.
When use the same administrator credentials starratesa.local\administrator which worked in on the office365 migration tool it does not work.
The autodiscover service fails the tests because the certificate is only for which is the autodiscover SCP setting on the local AD, which works for the clients set as this.
This should not effect the migration as even when I enter the proxy manually and the server server.starratesa.local manually it does not work. Which does work on the

Please assist.
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According to Purmg, it says:-

"If you can't get the migration working with the free tool, I would suggest  I've used them to migrate an SBS customer to Office 365 seemlessly.

Depending on how many mailboxes you are migrating, it may be cheaper than buying a certificate as they connected to my customers SBS server with a self signed certificate."

According to DomZ, it says:-

"MigrationWiz can handle self-signed certificates and only asks for an OWA URL as a way to detect the correct API endpoint to use (ex: WebDAV, EWS, etc.).

I'd recommend sending a support request on the MigrationWiz website so that an engineer can investigate. It should work!"


In short, will do what you want instead of
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Thanks i would prefer to use the cut over if possible.
Has anyone ever used the cutover migration in the office365 portal, seems strange to have to use a 3rd party product.
We already have a certificate from go daddy installed, but a single name cert.

Does migration wiz allow you to keep the same ost and profile for the clients once migrated, as this might make it worth while but otherwise if not then I would prefer to get the office 365 cut over migration working?
unless you doing a live migration, OSt will always to be redownload because the mailbox has re-created instead of moving (same SSID/GUID)

which tool you actually using?

since you don't have an autodiscover SSL, that might be the crucial point to the tools to work.

are doing a IMAP cutover? (make sure IMAP is up in exchange 2007)

starratesa.local\administrator  <-- i assume this is domain admin, please make sure you create a user account, and make it organisation management (in exchange RBAC), also make sure you give this user full mailbox rights to every mailbox

Domain admin by default has denied rules on reading other mailboxes
The Plan is to use Microsoft Exchange Cutover Migration, which uses Outlook Anywhere to migrate the email, contacts and calander.
It also migrates the user accounts, and alias.

I will need to buy a mulitname SSL cert by the looks of things as I have been working with Microsoft to try and get it to work by manually capturing the RPC proxy server and so on and we are not winning.

From what I understand the UID should stay the same so is it not possible to use autodiscovery to point to the new mailbox and not require re-syning of the mailbox?

I have been looking into Migrationwiz as the cost will be similar as buying a new multiname cert, I am just trying to find out if they support the function of somehow linking the existing profiles to the new hosted exchange server and not having to re-sync all the data.
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Hi guys. Thanks for all your suggestions but we have decided on doing a manual upload per client to reduce bandwidth usage.