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ipad update

I have an ipad 1 with the original ios on it.  I need to update because of some issues with safari and some other things.  Is there a certain procedure I should go by to do this?  SHould I just update to the latest or will I lose all my info?  Backup?  ANy help would be appreciated.  I have not done this before.  Thanks!
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Click settings select general  the select software update.

Only requirement is that you are on a wireless network for the update.

Also good thing to is plugged into AC power.

The process will not wipe at any data files or programs you have installed

The process is very clean.

I just upgraded my ios today to 6.1.3

It will restart your ipad automatically
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As you are running the original iOS you will need to physically connect with the USB cable to your computer and update throught iTunes.

You shouldn't lose a thing.  I've gone through many updates with no issues at all.  If you are concerned you can back up your data.  

As of iOS 5 you can then update the iOS without being connected to your computer.  

Go for it.  You should have no troubles.
@trgrassijr55...being on wireless won't work as the Author stated he is on the ORIGINAL iOS that came with his iPAD.  The wirelss update feature didn't happen until iOS 5.
The original iPad can only go as far as iOS 5.1.1.  Plug the iPad into a computer with a recent iTunes version and it will automatically perform a backup before it begins the install.  When running the upgrade through iTunes, it has to download the full upgrade pack, which will be at least 1GB in size.
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when I look at the apps on the ipad I see some apps that do not show up on the pc that I am hooking up to.  This is the computer that was used to upload some of the apps but not all of them.  Other apps that are on the ipad were downnloaded directly to the ipad over wireless not downloaded to the pc and then transferred to the ipad.  Will these apps get deleted if I update the ios?  1 is paid the other ones are free.
The iPad will do a backup then sync, which will transfer purchases to the computer, when you connect it.  After that is done, iTunes will ask if you want to update the firmware.  After the firmware download is complete, it will do another backup before installing the update.

You can always re-download purchased apps, but iTunes will make sure that app data gets backed up.
So it will sync the apps that I have downloaded on the pc and it will backup and sync the apps that I have purchased on the ipad.  I want the ipad to have the same apps as before I did the restore.
When you first connect the iPad, it will do a backup and sync before the update.  You can let this finish and verify that the computer shows all your apps, as well as indicates that it has a current backup.  Once you see that, you can then choose to start the update.
Yes, you will have the same apps as before.  Now, if you haven't updated apps, the latest version of those apps will install.

Honestly, you are really worrying much about nothing.  The iOS upgrade takes care of itself and is painless.

If by chance any apps are missing just re-install them.  iTunes knows which ones you paid for and you won't be charged again.  The free ones you can, of course, just install if needed.

But I've never had anything happen when I've upgraded and I have well over 100 apps and data.

Never lost 1 byte.
I get one more message that says there are purchases on the ipad that are not on in the itunes library.  You should transfer these purchases before updating the ipad.  What is this about?  SOrry to ask so many questions.
I'm assuming you are seeing the following:

Just follow this article and you'll be fine.
That message is what you are looking for.  It wants to verify to copy the purchases on the iPad over to the computer.
Ok.  Here is what happened.  There were 5 computers already authorized with the apple id.  I found one that I deauthorized.  When I went into it to deauthorize it had a different apple id.  I deauthorized it.  I went back to the pc that I have been working on and authorized the pc.  That worked because I had deauthorized the other.  Now I went to file - devices - transfer purchases and this is the message I get.  The computer is no longer authorized for apps that are installed on "f-tom ipad" Would you like to authorize this computer for items purchased from the itunes store?  If you do authorize this computer 4 apps, including cost calculator and their data will be deleted from this ipad."  So I click on authorize and the apple id of the other pc that I just deauthorized shows up rather than the apple id that I started with that was associated with this computer in the first place.  I clicked cancel.  What do I do.  I know it seems like I'm making too much of this but I feel like I'm going to lose the apps.  Why did it swithc the apple id???
what computer did you sync you ipad with?

That Itunes is the only one you will ge this work.

Itunes will allow you to sync to another itunes but you will losse everything.

If you do not have access to that computer or Itunes computer crashed

You need to recreate everything. Unless you had icloud setup to save the information to.

I would go to the Apple Store and ask them to update you ipad.

In Itunes the optin to backup your ipad is set to backup to the cloud or to your pc?

If your pc then the backup file is on your computer somewhere.

Again you must use an itunes that you originally syncd with your ipad or you will losee everything.
You won't have the iCloud backup option until you get upgraded to the 5.x version.  Because there seems to be a difference between the current computer and another system the iPad had been connected to in the past, you are able to perform a backup and upgrade, but your sync may want to wipe the iPad.

Note: iTunes will not wipe the iPad without asking you for approval first.
You're making WAY too much of this.  It doesn't matter if the apps get deleted from the iPad.  When you're all done updating the iPad, if there are any apps that didn't "make the trip," for whatever reason,  you'd just download them again.  As long as you're logged into the same iTunes account as you were logged into when you bought the apps, you'll get them again for free.  If you want to see a list of which apps you've bought using which of your iTunes accounts (if you have multiple accounts), you can just log into each of your iTunes accounts and look at your purchase history.

The ONLY exception would be if you've bought an app that is no longer available at the iTunes store, or for which the app writer didn't make a version that's  compatible with your new version of iOS.  For such orphan apps, you're just out of luck.
Me again.  I found which apple id was associated with this ipad and when I look at the download history I see all the apps that are on the ipad.  They are not though on the pc.  Which if I'm correct does not matter after the update because I can just download them again.  Is that right?  How do I donwload them again after the updatae?
You can either go to a specific app in the store and the purchase button will be replaced with a download button, allowing to download without a charge.  To get all the apps listed at once, you can do the following:

From the iPad:
App Store... Purchased along the bottom

From iTunes:
iTunes Store main page... Right hand column "Quick Links" section ... Purchased
I know you guys say this is straight forward but why do they have to have so many messages when you are trying to do this?  Here is the next one after I downloaded the new ios and clicked on update:

"Updating to ios 5.1 will delete all of the apps and media, including itunes store purchases on your ipad.  To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer when you sync apps, music, videos, and photos.

Updating on this computer will only preserve contacts, calendars, text messages, and other settings.  Please do not interrupt the update, which may take an hour or longer to complete.  

Does this change anything or can I redownload all the purchases after this update takes place?
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which part of that message concerns you?
if you've backed up the iPad to the PC, then you'll be able to restore everything you've backed up.