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Outlook add-in - new version headscratcher....


Build myself a wee little outlook add-in based on the VSTO model. Works nicely. But now I'm looking at deployment. The first time I deploy the add-in it installs fine, and everything seems hunky dory.

I then make a change to the application. Some of its DLLs remain the same, others are changed. So I recompile the Solution, I increment the Version number in the deployment project, which prompts me to change the product code (which I do) but that leaves the Upgrade Code intact (ok...). I set RemovePreviousVersions to True ...

And it installs the newer version fine. But now it doesn't run.

So I set RemovePreviousVrsions to False

And it still installs the newer version fine, but now there are TWO entries for my product in Programs and Features.

Neither of which are acceptable. What am I doing wrong?
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Have you closed outlook before the upgrade?

Make sure is not in the process list before you do the upgrade.

Besides, the best practice of upgrading outlook add-in is as follows:-

1. Shut down outlook, i.e. make sure is not in the process list;
2. Uninstall the old add-in;
3. Log out windows;
4. Install the new add-in;
5. Start outlook to see whether the new add-in is running.
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I am *developing* the add-in, and I want to create a setup procedure that is as easy as follows. If I can in ANY way develop it so that the user does NOT have to "uninstall" the add-in before installing Version +1, that's the way it's going to go. We have customers with several workstations. Telling them they need to install our New and Improved Add-in on all those machines is one thing, telling them they need to un-install, log out, re-install.... is almost unacceptable.
If you want to have silent deployment which will cause minimum disruption to the user, you need to create msi package and push the update to the client PC.
Correct. But all the msi packages I've tried don't work (see my opening statement). So what may I be doing wrong?
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I was going to go "well DUH", but then I had a quick look at the article and after head-desking for a while and kicking an unsuspecting dog in the street, I've returned to thank you for this information