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How can I consolidate information from multiple worksheets

I have a workbook that contains a worksheet for each of my Telephone closets.  I want to consolidate (copy) the populated rows (Column E) from the data sheets to my consolidated worksheet.  For each Data worksheet, I want to populate each row with the closet Rm# (A2) and ClosetID (A3), then if the row contains data in column E, copy column D & column E for that row to the next available row on the cosolidation worksheet.  Repeating this for each Data worksheet.  There is a "Summary" worksheet that just counts the populated rows for each worksheet - (this sheet should not be included in the consolidation).

Example file is attached.  I would like to be able to follow the logic of the steps as a learning tool  so comments explaining thesteps in the routine would be greatly appreciated.  I'll give max points for a clearly explained process.  I hope to be able to learn the approach so I can use similar processes myself in the future.

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That works great.  Thanks for including the comments for the steps.  It will help me follow the logic.