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Seeking WYSIWYG Editor that works well with PHP and that has best copy/paste functionality when pasting from MS Word documents

We're looking to replace an existing WYSIWYG Editor on our PHP-based custom CMS.

The problem that we're having is that the WYSIWYG editor that we're currently using doesn't handle copy & paste operations very well.  Often times, the client pastes in content using HTML emails or Microsoft Word documents, and sometimes a lot of extra CSS / code bloat tends to come along with it when pasting from the clipboard.

The WYSIWYG editor that we end up replacing ours with should be lightweight / quick loading, .. feature the more advanced copy & paste functionality that I've described (which adequately strips out unwanted code bloat when pasting), .. should be fairly easy to implement in a PHP based CMS. Please advise.

- Yvan
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Ray Paseur

8/22/2022 - Mon

The problem is not your editor.  Virtually every editor in the world is going to have issues with the junk those apps stick in the text.  

You will probably need a two step process by filtering the Word junk before you put it into your editor.

Ray Paseur

Agree with what COBOLdinosaur said.  MS applications screw up all kinds of things.

What are you using now?
Scott Fell

Even the handy "Paste from microsoft" buttons don't work.     The safest thing is to paste to a plain text editor (not word pad as that is just like word) then paste to your wysiwyg.  Or if your wysiwyg has a plain text only, use that.  

I have clients that no matter how many times I tell them to not paste from word they do... and it breaks any of their feeds.    

You can try mark down editors instead or just use a plain text box and convert the hard returns to paragraphs in php processing.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

One of the members on my site posted this as a link.  I have not tried it, but it my help you:


Dave Baldwin

I agree also.  The magic editor you seek is not available.  We'd all be using it if it were.

I agree with all of you.  It's always a bad idea to expect that good things will happen when you copy and paste from a MS Word document into any kind of WYSIWYG editor.

However .. we still need to replace our existing WYSIWSYG editor with a new & improved one.  Even one that features a simple "Paste from Word" feature/button would suffice.

We are currently using Tiny MCE.  Can anyone here recommend a few WYSIWYG editors that would be good replacement candidates?

- Yvan
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Ray Paseur

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Ray Paseur

Thanks for the points and thanks for using EE, ~Ray