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Network Switch

I am trying to hook up a backend access database that two different computers will be hooked up to. Two laptops will be connected to a 3rd laptop where the tables are.

Will this suffice for my needs:


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That should suffice just fine BUT I would probably pick up a Gigabit switch so that it would perform faster (assuming your end devices have gigabit ports on them). Also you will have three links connected to it plus another uplink to the internet or rest of the network somewhere totaling 4 ports in use so you have only room for 1 more device to be connected after that.
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How do I know if my "end devices" have  Gigabit switch?

I am guessing that is the computers. The three computers are Lenovo Laptops purchased in the last two years for about $1,000 each.

How would I check that?
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Does that device need to be hooked up to the internet in order to work? If I am only using it for housing a backend access file... can it only be hooked up to the 3 computers?
yes, as long as you dont need internet access
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You definitely want a Gigabit Switch.  Many laptops even back as far as 2004 have 1Gb Ethernet ports (like my Gateway M675). And most ALL laptops within the last couple of years do also (there are some exceptions on very low end units).

I have one of these Netgear GS108T

The Netgear GS108E will work as well.

As noted, if you are not concerned about an internet connection, then all you need is the Switch.  And if at some point you need to connect to the internet, then you can easily do so several different ways, which might include the Netgear ADSL2+Modem >> DM111PSP , which I have also.