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Citrix Monitoring

Is there any possibility to setup monitoring the below requests
- When server stopped accepting new connections
- When the RDS is hung need to get alert
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here are the options
1. Setup Helath monitoring and recovery
2. use Citrix Medevac to run at a periodic time
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You could also use EdgeSight to configure these alerts.  If you use Health Monitoring and Recovery, your alerts come through EdgeSight anyway (but not by default!).

If you do use Health Monitoring, be careful about setting the percentage of servers if you choose remove from load balancing.  In XenApp 6, servers would automagically stop taking connections, and unless you do a qfarm /lboff, you'd never know it and would go bonkers trying to figure out why.  You'd have to do an enablelb to get it back accepting connections.

Thankfully, in XenApp 6.5, that automagic "feature" has changed.
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could you please let me know the best practice to configure same on xenapp 6.5
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