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Bolding cells where the cell value starts with a single or double digit number followed by a comma

Dear Experts:

For the currently selected cells I would like to apply bold to the cell where
(1) ... the cell value starts  with a single digit number, followed by a comma or ...
(2) ... the cell value starts with a double digit number, followed by a comma.

For example:

1, dummy text
2, dummy text
17, dummy text
23, dummy text

The solution could be VBA or maybe - if feasible - conditional formatting.

Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Andreas
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Hi, Excel built in function sometimes problem recognising numbers from a Text line so it is always advisable using a Macro / VBA code. Please try the below snippet.

Option Explicit

Sub CheckAndMake()

Dim rng As Range, cel As Range

Set rng = Range("A1:A100") ' Please change here and update Excel Range as you need

For Each cel In rng

If cel.Value <> "" Then

If IsNumeric(Left(cel.Value, 1)) = True Then

If Mid(cel.Value, 2, 1) = "," Then
cel.Font.Bold = True
End If

If Mid(cel.Value, 3, 1) = "," Then
cel.Font.Bold = True
End If

End If
End If
Next cel

End Sub
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Wow, Rgonzo, I am truly impressed. Very nice function! This is real professionalism.

Thank you very much for your swift and professional help.

Regards, Andreas
Hi suvmitra:

ooops, I was too quick to award points. Your code works just fine. I should have refreshed the screen before awarding points. I am really sorry.

I would have split points between the two of you, because both approaches are exactly what I wanted to have.

I am not quite sure what to do in this case?

I could turn to the forum support to ask what to do in this circumstance on the condition that Rgonzo and you agree.

Regards, Andreas