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Needed A jsp code to pull a value from mysql table

Dear experts can some one help me with the code in jsp page to fetch data from a table coulm in mysql  according to the variable i passed through jsp page

suppose if i browse http://mywesite.com/getvalue?user=test  then
 it will run mysql query  like  SELECT user_data FROM userslist WHERE user_id=test

and dispaly the value in browser .

Waiting for some one reply with the code for jsp and class needed

Thank you
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Loganathan Natarajan


dear logudotcom  i have gone through the same links yesterday ,  . I posted this question expecting some one can reply with exact code . Those links explain how to connect mysqldb to java and making logging page etc.,  but i need to pass a variable through URL and fetch the data from the table . there is no authentication needed . But to run the query backend there must be servlet to connect to DB in which mysql root password is hardcoded ( sorry as i am  completely new to java world , i dont know what do you call it) ..

Hope some one can reply with the jsp page i need to put in webserver .

If it is complete jsp code, it is one thing, if you are looking at jsp and servlet and all that, it is a web-application which has to be deployed as a war file(or folder) on the server,

Are you aware on how to build a war file and what are the components of the same?

Because even if we give you a jsp and a servlet which does this, do you know how to build it and deploy it?
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Dear sandy_sk yeah please give me that file . I have installed mysql and apache-tomcat , I will copy to webapps directory and check .

Check this out, save this as Sample.jsp and put it in the webapps folder and access it as follows http://mywesite.com/Sample.jsp?user=test 

PS : I have not executed this code, so check to see if there are any syntax errors and fix them

<%@ page import="import java.sql.Connection" %>
<%@ page import="import java.sql.PreparedStatement" %>
<%@ page import="import java.sql.ResultSet" %>
<%@ page import="import java.sql.DriverManager" %>
<%@ page import="import java.sql.SQLException" %>


String strServer = ""; //Give your database server name here
String strPort = ""; //Give your database port here
String strDBName = ""; //Give your database name here
String strUser = ""; //Give your database user name here
String strPassword = ""; //Give your database password here
String strUser = null;
String strSQL = "SELECT user_data FROM userslist WHERE user_id=? ";

Connection con = null;
PreparedStatement ps = null;
ResultSet rs = null;


	strUser = (String) request.getParameter("user"); //Getting the value of user from the request

	con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://"+strServer+":"+strPort+"/"+strDBName, strUser, strPassword);

	ps = con.prepareStatement(strSQL);
	ps.setString(1, strUser);

	rs = ps.executeQuery();


		out.println("<H1>User Data : "+rs.getString("user_data")+"</H1>");

	} else {
		out.println("<H1>User Data : No data found for user"+strUser+"</H1>");
} catch(Exception ex){
	out.println("Exception occurred while retrieving data");
} finally {


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Dear SANDY_SK  is it ok to put db password  and user name credentials in JSP file ?

I am going to test this . Thank you
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Hi SANDY_SK , it doesn't work . I passed user_id  value to url http://localhost/test.jsp?user=test

It supposed to show up test user_data .

It says In the code , strUser string is duplicated ( mentioned in 2 places).

Even i changed the second string to strUser2 but still it doesn't work .

Please help

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Thank you SANDY_SK