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Mapping drives with group policies

I would like to map user data to certain folders using group policies.  We have a container called admin with certain users in that container like smith.  I would like to map a drive letter on the local terminal server which points to c:\documents and Settings\smith\my documents to P: with a group policy for the admin container so whenever I create a user in that container everything is mapped the same for that group.  Also I would like to hide the c:\documents and settings folders so no one can view anything except there own folder.  so at the end of the day i would like user smith to have something like this:

My Documents on 'servername\documents and settings\smith' (P:)
My Photos on 'servername\documents and settings\smith' (F:)
Excel files on 'servername\documents and settings\smith' (E:)

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It sounds like you are wanting Folder Redirection. Have you ever used folder redirection before?
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no, I currently wrote a script that maps drives to group and all user but have outgrown that and now want to map drives based on the group container they are associated with.  Not sure if folder redirection is what i want to accomplish.
I think folder redirection would be a better solution for you. With folder redirection, you can redirect each user profile folder (documents, music, pictures, favorites, etc) to a specific computer based on group membership.
If you have server 2008 you could use Group Policy Preferences to map Drives

But I agree that re-direction may be a better option
For the basic user profile folder (documents, music, pictures, favorites, etc) but how about other shared folders that are specific to each Group and how do I choose a drive letter with folder redirection?
You can't choose a drive letter with folder redirection. You can use Group Policy Preferences: Drive mappings to assign drive letters.
So in the group policy Object Editor where do I find that?
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I did look and tried to follow, When I edit my newly created Policy on the bottom I only see two tabs which are Extended and Standard, i'm not seeing the Preference Tab?  Sorry and thanks for helping me with this.  I am using windows 2003 AD on a DC to set the GPO.