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Reloading Win8 Problems.

Hello one of my laptops a "Asus S56C" Was having some speed issues and freezing up on apps so I decided to reload windows 8 from the CD and since this laptop has a 500GB + 24GB SSD thing not sure if its all built together, I'm trying to delete the partitions but everytime I click on one and click delete it just sits there with the spinning circle for around 10-30 minutes than it delete the partition. This can't be right is there something wrong with my HDD any suggestions.
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When I try to delete the SSD partitions it says "we couldn't delete the selected partition"
and when I try to load windows on the other HDD it says I need to change bootable devices in bios.

I can't find any such option in bios

And the SSD apparently isn't even removable..

Not sure what I can do in this situation
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get it replaced under warranty.
I clicked install on the main HDD and it just sat for 2 hours now its installing but its taking like 20 minutes each % I'm not sure what todo I can't send it back to, Asus this is one of four all having problems with these hybrid SSD's

Any suggestions
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I just waited it out and installed Win8 on the 500GB HDD and I confirmed the SSD is indeed busted I don't want the SSD but there is no way to remove it windows 8 appears to run fine now. I disabled the SSD in the device manager, just wondering could the SSD being broken had slowed down my windows 8 installation that much, do you guys think I will be fine now that its disabled.


I don't care about the SSD I wish, Asus would stop throwing there cheap little 24GB SSD's in the systems its really getting on my nerves.
Good to hear.
Sorry LordManna, but why did you give the points to me? You might frustrate others that way. You should ask the moderators to split them or set the question to self-solved.
I can't send it back to, Asus  Why not? If it is defective then it is defective.