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Remote Desktop Services 2008R2SP1 - Do Not Share USB Devices Between Users

Hello all, I'm testing Oracle VDI sunrays connecting to Remote Desktop Services 2008R2SP1.  I installed the USB connector software from Oracle on the 2008R2 box and so now when I plug in a usb stick into one of the sunray 2FS thin clients I am able to access and use the usb stick in my windows remote desktop session.  However all other remote desktop users are able to access my usb stick as well.  We want to allow usb sticks but not allow other users to access usb sticks that are not theirs.  Oracle support says it's not possible to isolate the usb sticks from their side of things.  Does anyone know of a workaround or something?  Maybe something we can do with windows permissions or something?  Thanks.
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