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usb devices now write protected

I have two USB drives and a thumb drive. I was able to delete and write to it until today. I was using Apricorn SATA 3.0 clone wire and software to clone my new SSD (which happened successfully) but now I cant write/delete/modify any of my USB devices. I tried the Regedit method, diskpart method, giving full control permissions as well, but none of those worked. I even tried plugging one of my USB devices into a different PC and got the same write protection error.
Any ideas? I'm on windows 8 too...
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Boot the computer to LINUX and see if you can read/write to the sticks. This will tell you if it is something specific to windows and ACL permissions.  Whether it works or fails will provide useful information as to the next step.
Go to Start > Run > type in: regedit > hit enter.
On the dialog box that opens up navigate to the following path:

Find the entry named "WriteProtect" if the value is set to 0x00000001 (1), double click it and set the value to zero.
Have you used any kind of encryption on these drives before? Or on local system?
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dont believe so. did a full format of my USB thumb drive and its still showing up as write protected....
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if you take my advice and boot to linux< then it will answer your question about whether or not it is a virus.
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason: software issue
i believe i suggested that :   it can be a program, or virus that's the cause
so i deserve some credit
What type of security software?
and, as expected/suggested, it had to to with windows, and had you booted to LINUX, it would have confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the USB stick.
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corporate security software preventing usb transfers