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add user to printer security


i need to add a security group to our printers and i was wondering if this is possible with either a powershell or vbs script.
to clarify we need to add the group into the security tab of the printer properties...

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the security group would have Manage Documents permissions.
need to apply this to over 100 printers.

does anybody know how to do this or code thats can do this?
i have no idea how to code this... very new to all this...

1 print server is 2003 and another print server is 2008 R2

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awesome, managed to modify the command so that it applies to all printers...

subinacl.exe /printer * /grant="DOMAIN\GROUP=M"

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had to run this from the server as i was getting a SeSecurityPrivilege : Access is denied. error when i ran this from my pc.

do you know why that command creates special permissions for the group?
i was thinking it would just tick the Manage Documents option... but it creates special permissions as well..

PRINTER : 2 change(s)

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Do you mean the creator owner permission?
no no

it creates special permissions for the group that i added in..
its the 2nd entry in my pic thats got the black lines (had to remove server names / groups etc...) you can see a little bit of blue at the end.
I see it now. Honestly I don't recall the exact reason why the extra read permission was added. I started to use subinacl many years ago because of the lack of tools available and  /replace parameter.

icacls, another command line utility, is supported on Windows 7. It has been updating and on par with subinacl, which has not been updated since 2008.

I recommend you take a look of icacls as well, sorry for not being clear on this.
no probs, ill check it out as well and find the best solution for us

thanks for your help