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Crystal Report prompts for parameter values but doesn't use them

I am modifying a C# project which incorporates a Crystal Report.  The C# project was originally developed with Visual Studio.NET 2003 and I used the Visual Studio.NET 2010 converter to upgrade the project to this environment.
The application sets the values of the report parameters then calls the report.
In the original application the parameter value prompts inside the Crystal Report did not show and the report showed details corresponding to the parameter values set within the C# code.
In the new application the parameter value prompts inside the Crystal Report are displayed.
The users do not want to see or fill in the Crystal Report parameter value prompts, especially as they do not alter the data displayed.
Is there a way for me to suppress the parameter value prompts inside the Crystal Report?
I notice that the C# project is still linked to some Crystal ... 2003 merged modules.  Do I need to change these for more recent versions?
Many thanks for your consideration.
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check "Passing a value to a parameter of the report" from

yes, you absolutely need to complete the upgrade to install all the same version of CR and remove any unused reference. Users also need the correct version of CR
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Not only do you need to update to use the later Crystal assemblies, you have to update the reports to the VS2010 Crystal version.  Crystal 4 VS2010 is the only version of the .Net Crysal that can be used in VS2010.  The Crystal 2003 merge modules are not compatible with VS2010

You get the prompt for the parameter values for 2 reasons
1.  One or more of the parameter values are not of the correct data type.
2.  You have something set in either the report or the viewer that causes the parameter screen to be shown.  In earlier versions of Crystal the call had a parameter that could be set to not show the parameter screen unless there was anissue with the parameters.

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I don't know this for sure but it may be that when you assign the data source any changes you have made regarding the source (parameters, selection formula) may get discarded.

Since you are passing a datasource why not filter it in the application before passing it to the report.

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This solution is easy to implement and easy for others to copy, however, the underlying reasons for why this works is not understood.