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Exchange 2010 - Non DAG Database?


Is it possible create a database in Exchange 2010 that is not part of the DAG? Clearly you can create a DB and not add a copy to another server. The CheckDatabaseRedundancy.ps1 script will continue to post warnings in relation to these.

For Journaling - circular logging enabled DB's there must be an option but I don't see it

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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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Why arent you simply creating DB's using EMC ?
For Journaling go to properties of the Database and check it - Maintenance tab of the MailboxDatabase properties

- Rancy
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It's been created in EMC.  A public folder for example, doesn't appear under database copies. Can non DAG'ed databases be configured likewise?
What if you run Get-PublicFolderDatabase

- Rancy
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Simon Butler (Sembee)
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