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Exchange 2010 Migration/Update

We currently have an a 2010 Exchange server running on Server 2008 R2 Standard as a VM.  We had a third party vendor come in and set this up for us due to other projects we were doing at the time.

This VM has 64G of RAM, but we have been told that since R2 Standard was used, we are limited to 32G.  We have had small issues with this Exchange since day one, and have had to correct many things that the vendor left out or configured incorrectly.  There is another software package on there that Archives our email and is used to prevent SPAM, and that doesn't work as it should all the time either.

The question is what problems should I be aware of when installing a whole new R2 Enterprise Server with Exchange 2010 on the same domain, and trying to migrate everything from one to the other?  It sounds easier than I know it is going to be, so I was coming here for advice.  

I'm getting some heat on this one since one day internal emails wont work, the next people can send to external emails but can't receive, and the following it is exactly the opposite.  I can work through Exchange once it is up, but setting up and implementing is something that I have limited experience with.
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Nopes ... no issues with Exchange 2010 SP1 its all Online moving of mailboxes means no downtimes ..... but i would still take it in hand and plan for weekends and after production hours

Look installing another Exchange 2010 with all roles and setup isnt but planning it is .... use Storage Calculator to understand the needs of RAM\Storage and stuff

rest if you have some specific concerns surely as Experts see they would jump-in to share their side of Advice on it

- Rancy
It doesn't have to be a painful exercise :) To start with, is the existing exchange server the only exchange server in the organisation? If so then it will have the Mailbox, Hub and CAS roles installed.

You don't mention the size of your organisation? 64GB is a lot of memory to be assigning to a single exchange server. My guess is this has been specified wrong, especially if this is the only Exchange server you have available.

Just trying to understand a little more about your configuration before suggesting a way forward.

As you are running Exchange in a virtual environment, which therefore makes it easier to provision new servers, assuming you have the licences etc, I would consider splitting some of the roles up. That we you can take advantage of some of the features such as DAG and load balanced CAS arrays

Of course you can simply deploy another server with all the roles configured too, above is just my personal preference.
It's not that complicated. Install another Exchange 2010 box on your environment, generate new cert, don't forget about DNS changes and then move mailboxes and public folders.

Use this Deployment Assistent:
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I have setup and configured a server on the domain with 2008 R2 Enterprise.  I just need to install Exchange, but I want to make sure that having two Exchange Servers on the same domain isn't going to cause any issues.

I would just like to set up a new Exchange and get it all set up with no users or email, then just migrate everything from the old to the new and shut down the old.
No issues with adding a second Exchange Server. Exchange is designed to have multiple exchange 2010 servers on the same domain. If you install the CAS role, make sure you copy the certificate to the new server (assuming you have a public CA certificate)
We have 32G allocated to the VM because we started with 16G, and the store.exe kept taking everything that we threw at it.  The Exchange runs fine after a reboot, but then the next day the store.exe is using every bit of RAM that the rest of the server is not.

I just tried to install Exchange 2010 on the new server and apparently it doesn't like the location of the default address book on the existing Exchange because I get an error.  "The nominated Exchange server for offline address book 'Default Offline Address List' has been deleted.  Nominate a valid server and restart setup."  Starting to get the impression that this isn't going to be an easy and quick fix.

We had a few issues and they were resolved with service pack2.  We did have to get another certificate from godaddy since our mail domain didn't match our internal.

Ha.  As I type this our email just went down again.  We can now receive email from an external address, but can't send to anyone. . . internal or external.
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How much memory is store.exe using? It's true that store.exe is a memory hungry process, but something is not right if it's using above 1.5GB of RAM..
How many mailboxes do you have on the exchange server?
I would prefer to run the Exchange all on one server, and not separate roles.  The first server is causing nothing but issues, and I would prefer to just have it gone.

Since the email is currently not working, my boss is going through the Exchange right now so I can't check the current usage of store.exe.  I know that at one point it was using 80% of the 32G allocated to the server.  We only have one domain on our Exchange, and we have about 300 mailboxes total.
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We have found various things wrong, and our supervisors have contracted the services of a local group to come in and take care of the issues we have.  I appreciate all the input from everyone.  We have the new Exchange installed and working on Enterprise, and the other group will look at the migration for us.