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Query Help-Top Row for multiple selection

Hello All,
I have the below query,is there a way to return the top 1 row for each facility ie '261','262','40'.
Thank you.

 select   FacName,rxs.FacID,rxs.PatID, rxs.rxno,rxs.PhNPI,PhName,NsID,Room,patients.PatFName,patients.PatLName,rxs.DrugLabelName,sig,
 , InsName
 from Rxs
 left join Facilities on rxs.FacID = Facilities.FacID
 left join Patients on rxs.PatID = patients.PatID
left join vw_crystal_ReorderDirectionsExpandedSig vw on rxs.FacID = vw.FacID and rxs.RoNo = vw.RoNo and rxs.PatID = vw.PatID
left  join PatientMOPs on rxs.PatID = PatientMOPs .PatID and rxs.FacID = PatientMOPs.FacID and rxs.MOP = PatientMOPs.InsID 
left join InsPlans on rxs.MOP = insplans.InsID
left join ECSHistoryErrors errors on rxs.FacID = errors.FacID and rxs.PatID = errors.PatID and rxs.RxNo = errors.RxNo
left JOIN "FwReports"."dbo"."ECSRejectCds" "ECSRejectCds" ON errors."RejectCd"="ECSRejectCds"."ECSRejectCd"
 where  "Rxs"."RxBatch"='TP-RPH'
 and   CardIDNo is not null 
 and ECSRejectCds.Ver='D.0'
 and rxs.FacID in('261','262','40') 
  order by Submitted desc ,SeqNo desc

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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SELECT TOP 1 * FROM myTable WHERE.....

This returns just the first row from whatever query you use.
You literally just need to put in "TOP 1 " right after the "SELECT" word and that's it (no comma).
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the top 1 would return he top most row  for a facility based on the submitted date and seqNo.But is there a way to retirve the top most row for each facility id(facid in the query)
I would just put the desired ID in the WHERE statement and then use the top 1 request.  Do this for each ID you want.  Do you need all top 1's in one query?
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I need all the top 1's in one query
Can you give a simple sample of your data and show which rows you want the query to pull?  Do you care which top 1 you get or would any with the target id do?
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The above did what was needed
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is a suite of relational database management system (RDBMS) products providing multi-user database access functionality.Component services include integration (SSIS), reporting (SSRS), analysis (SSAS), data quality, master data, T-SQL and performance tuning. Major improvements include the Always On technologies and support for unstructured data types.

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