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Manipulate Data in Access 2007

I am working on an Access database that pulls two data sources from Excel. Due to HIPPA and confidentiality compliance I cannot provide real examples or actual data, but hopefully this will make some sense.

Data source one includes a column for a contract name; data source two supplies the information in two separate columns and in different formats. For instance:

Data Source 1
Mickey Mouse Basic Plan
Mickey Mouse Deluxe AB123 Plan
Minnie Mouse Basic+ XY987
Donald Duck Basic Plan
Donald Duck Deluxe+ Plan
Daisy Duck Premier AB987

Data Source 2 (in the same order)
MM Basic Pln
MM Deluxe Plan          AB123
MinM Basic+                XY987
DonDuc Basic Pln
DonDuc Deluxe+
DaDu Prem                  AB987
I need to match the columns from data source 2 to contract names in data source 1 in order to incorporate additional data from source 1. The only thing I can think of is creating a query of each table, using various functions (Replace, Left, Len, InStr) to manipulate the text, then joining the queries into a separate query that includes all needed data from source 1. The problem is because of the number of contract names and inconsistent formatting, it has taken 20 such functions--so far. The result is a slow running query. There has to be better way.

Although I am a novice with Visual Basic, incorporating code is an option; however I am not sure where to start (more specifically, I have no idea where to start).

Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas?
Thank you
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Thank you for responding. I had to move on to a different project, but will try your suggestion later this week. Thanks again