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Creating an Email Message based on an Outlook Appointment

I have a need to provide the following two solutions.

1. Automatically send an email to certain contact(s) on each date of a recurring calendar item in Outlook.  The contact will not always be an attendee to the calendar item.

1. Configure Outlook to automatically send an email to certain contact(s) on the date of a future calendar item in Outlook.  The contact(s) are attendees to the calendar item.  I would like to be able to send the item on the date, as well as 1 (or more) day(s) ahead.

Any ideas on how to achieve this goal?
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David Lee
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Hi, Alisanne.  

You can accomplish both of these with a bit of scripting.  I can help with that.  For the first item, how will the script know who to send the email too?  Will that be in the calendar item, will it be a set rule, or something else?
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I can set it up however it makes the scripting easier.  What do you suggest?  Below is an  example of how this would be applied:

1.) I have a client that I need to send a weekly email to remind them to take a specific action.  I can create a weekly recurring appointment for this and I can create a outlook template with the recipient, subject, and text necessary to send if that makes the process easier.

I am happy to modify the process to make automation more streamlined.
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I will give this a shot...   ...if computer is down, will it run on next opening of outlook?

Also, would this same script work for option 2?
It will run whenever a reminder fires.  If that reminder fires the next time Outlook is launched, then yes.  If the reminder has been cleared, or doesn't fire for some other reason, then no.  

the script will work for both options, although I'm still not clear where the address is coming from for the first option.
Works Great