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Deleted Exchange Mail Contact - recreated - #550 Resolver Error


A colleague of mine deleted a mail contact last month by mistake, which I recreated a day later. I do not know the old legacyExchangeDN, which I have read is what you should edit your new contact with so users do not have trouble e-mailing them.

I have one user who cannot contact this newly created contact. He receives the following error:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

'Lastname, Firstname'
The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server: MYEMAILSERVER.ORG
#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found ##

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Anything I can do locally to just his machine (Outlook 2010, no NK2's). Thanks for any suggestions.
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Invalid, but I believe all I needed to do was add this before /O=


It added, testing now. Thanks for the quick response.
No 'IMCEAEX-_' ..... this isnt a part of X500

- Rancy
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OK, thanks. I had added as an SMTP first, not custom > X500. Now it has added and I will test again.
Yeah this is a Custom Email not SMTP

- Rancy
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OK, I tested on my machine (Outlook 2010) -- it worked, but it had been.

The trouble user, which I mistakenly said was Outlook 2010 is actually on 2007, but our Exchange server is 2010. I closed his client, reopened, deleted the cached e-mail, and went through our address book. Chose the new contact (w/ the new x500 email), but still same message returned.

Does this take time to replicate to our address book? Any other suggestions?
Yes takes time as Max cache time of Information Store service cache can be upto 2 hours ..... hope your trying this internally ? As if externally then even if some firewall cache might be in picture

- Rancy