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Stuck in Public Network (No Internet access)

I'm working on a Acer Aspire 5810TZ-4657 running MS Vista SP2 and the network adapters both wireless and LAN are stuck in public access only, it will not reset nor give me an option to change it a private network therefore i can not access the internet. Full network map displays nothing. I then removed both adapters from device manager and restart the unit, when the system reinstalled the adapters, i connected to the network and chose Private network and i got an error message saying (The request is not supported) in Network and Sharing Center. Thing is I do connect with limited access so the internal network is accessible but internet access keeps saying Identifying (Public Network) with no option to switch to a Private Network, and i believe thats why i'm not getting on to the internet, Network discovery is on, i removed all anti virus software that may take over the firewall settings and i also tried turning off the firewall as well, nothing is working. How can i correct this issue without reinstalling the operating system. I'm more than sure you guys can help me out with this with a simple pull and tuck. Thanks
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in command promt inetcpl.cpl, check connections tab, lan settings, make sure everythign is unchecked

are you behind a router or what is your path to the internet?

can you ping

try nslookup in a command prompt and type in a domain to see if it resolves to an ip

what does ipconfig /all show (post it here)
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Thanks scraby here is what i got

LAN tab Settings are all unchecked

i'm connecting through a router at all locations, other laptops are connecting with no problem

cannot ping (ping request could not find host)

nslookup (Default Server Unknown)

ipconfig /all - IP subnet
DHCP on, no default gateway and netbios over tcpip is disabled both LAN and wireless
even if i manual configure a network IP with all the correct parameters i still no internet connection (connected with limited access)
169.254.x.x is a windows self assigned (automatic private internet protocol addressing) ip and is a result of windows configured with dhcp but unable to access a dhcp to get an address so it assigns itself one

you need to find out why you are not able to contact a dhcp server (check in services.msc to make sure your dhcp client service is started), also check the event log for any network related entries

if you know what your subnet ip range is (ipconfig on another machine) then grab an ip address out of the dhcp scope range and manually assign (static) it to the wired connection (i would start with wired to eliminate wireless security etc issues), make sure to assign the correct subnet mask, gateway, and dns server also

if you have a connection to the working router via the wired nic and the tcp/ip settings are correct then you should get further but you're not going to get anywhere with a windows APIPA assigned address, this is the first step to understand why you're configured as a dhcp client but you're not getting an address from the dhcp server
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