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ExpressinEngine MySQL slow query causes connection timeouts

Our ExpressionEngine content manangement site on RackSpace is timeing out on queries. The offending query appears to be :

 "SELECT  t.entry_id, t.channel_id, t.forum_topic_id, t.author_id, t.ip_address, t.title, t.url_title, t.status, t.dst_enabled, t.view_count_one, t.view_count_two,
t.view_count_three, t.view_count_four,"..., 8192) = 1351 <0.003584>
10:15:05 flock(5, LOCK_UN

To me this started as a gradual slowdown that came to a grinding halt. So my suspicion is either a space issue or balooning database records causing the timeouts. I am new to ExpressionEngine, but am comfortable troubleshooting MySQL. What kind of things should I look for to figure out what has slowed down the query? Help!
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Ray Paseur
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EXPLAIN SELECT might help.  You might want to post the actual query string.  This fragment does not tell us very much.
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Tomas Helgi Johannsson
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Why did you close this question with a marked-down grade?  We tried to give you the best answers we could, given the remarkably incomplete presentation of the question.  And we asked for more information, twice.  And you just ignored our requests!

I think an explanation is in order.  Thanks, ~Ray