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Encryption for PC's with Windows 7 OS

I support 4 PC's at a small financial firm. Encryption of those computers is required. Minimum level is 128 bit AES.

I checked into Mcafee Endpoint Encryption but find it not to be straight forward. I am used to a product coming in a box with a disc...You install the program, configure it and you're done.

My question is what is the easiest way to encrypt four Windows 7 computers?

My level is a that of a small office networking tech. I am not an enterprise IT type, if you get my point.
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I should mention that the Windows 7 systems are either Home Premium or Professional. I realize Bitlocker is there for Ultimate and Enterprise.
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Where does the AES-128 minimum come from? Does it have to be FIPS-140-2 certified? If your trying to be PCI/DSS compliant it does not HAVE to be fips certified. Also you can't just encrypt something and think your safe or compliant. There are best practices to be followed with any encryption product. You should also understand data at rest and data in motion encryption. SSL (httpS), or a vpn connection are data in motion, your laptop powered off, or a backup tape in your hand is data at rest. You can encrypt the entire HD of the laptop or just certain parts, the point is an attacker can't get at that data while the latptop is in that state(presumably). Once the laptop boots up, the HD looks like any other to the OS, so if it gets infected/hijacked by an attacker all the data is accessible on a fully encrypted drive, even when using bitlocker or other solutions. FDE only protects your HD when it's powered off. When it's powered on, you need more containers too, or encrypted documents or a database.With a little bit more info we can start to narrow down what your looking for out of a list like this:
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