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Linux kernel source code browsing

Hi Experts,

I would like to know which editor + plugins are good for browsing large projects like linux kernel, libc etc.  I am familiar with VIM and am using gvim for my normal editing.  Is there good plugins so that I can find references/ definitions etc by selecting function names, variable names etc.  I heard about ctags but not sure how to try it when there are directory trees and many header/source files.  Any direction would be helpful.  thank you.
Please let me know of any tools(editors or otherwise that would help me with this)
thank you.
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Trying to understand what you are asking.
You want an editor that in an example
#include <stdio.h>

Printf ()
You would want upon the highlighting of printf to get the parameter/definitional options displayed.

What scope of editing of the kernel source are you looking do.
Usually, one uses make menuconfig through which you can make several selection by removing/excluding modules/components from being included in the resulting kernel.

Specifically for the kernel, you may want to join the site and see what/how they breakup/modularize the construction/assembly of the kernel.
There are the tools ctags and etags. which I found very useful for code browsing. For Emacs there is CEDET which should make C programming easier. AFAIKT for Eclipse it is CDT, but I do not know if anyone ever has tried to get the linux source code beyond it....

The Linux Kernel is written in C. So choose any C programming editor and you should be fine browsing it.
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Eclipse/CDT is a free alternative to Understand, and it can be used to review the Linux kernel.