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Need Help writing query to calculate sales

Hello Experts, I'm using Access 2K.

I need to write a query to calculate four numbers:
Lifetime Orders
YTD Orders
LifeTime Sales (in dollars)
YTD Sales (in dollars)

 I already have code that calculates the first day of the current year.

Here's what I have so far.  The code below calculates three of the four values I need (LifeTime and YTD Orders, as well as Lifetime Sales in dollars), but I can't figure out how to calculate YTD sales in dollars with the same query.

   'New code to calculate Orders (YTD and Lifetime) and Lifetime Dollars
        strSQLtext = "SELECT Count(invoicenumber) AS LifeTimeOrders,"
        strSQLtext = strSQLtext & "SUM(ABS(shippeddate > #" & dteYTDstartDate & "# )) AS YTDOrders, "
        strSQLtext = strSQLtext & "SUM(price * Quantity) AS LifetimeDollars "
        strSQLtext = strSQLtext & "FROM invoicehistory "
        strSQLtext = strSQLtext & "where AccountNumber = " & Forms!ProspectInfo!AccountNumber & " And [quantity] <> 0;"

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List few records of data, and expected output.
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Perfect! Thank you!
To make that even more flexible (use it year after year), try:

SELECT AccountNumber
           , Count(InvoiceNumber) as LifeTimeOrders
           , SUM(IIF([ShippedDate] >= DateSerial(Year(Date()), 1, 1), 1, 0)) as YTDOrders
           , SUM([Price] * [Quantity]) as LifetimeDollars
           , SUM(IIF([ShippedDate] >= DateSerial(Year(Date()), 1, 1), [Price] * [Quantity], 0)) as YTDDollars
FROM InvoiceHistory
WHERE AccountNumber = 12344
AND [Quantity] <> 0
GROUP BY AccountNumber

I've replaced the reference to a specific date: #1/1/2013#
with: DateSerial(Year(Date()), 1, 1)

Which will give you the first day of whatever year you are in.