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Setting up an FTP Server

I'm attempting to set up the FTP Server service on my own server (which I'm already using for website hosting and RemoteApps) and, since this is new to me, I'm having problems with the setup.  My ultimate goal is to "route" files directly to my server which are now being "FTP-ed" to a website I currently have hosted by an ISP.  I have 2 programs that I wrote in C-language for FTPDownload and FTPUpload which have been functioning fine for a number of years.  Ultimately, I want to use these programs to FTP files from client sites directly to my network server.  So far, I've installed the FTP feature into IIS 7.5 and configured it as best I could, but I'm sure that I'm missing something in that setup.  Further, I'm currently NOT able to Telnet into my server on port 21 although I have daily FTP downloads from my ISP-hosted website that are working OK so I'm not thinking that I have a firewall issue (although I can't rule anything out...).  So, I'm looking for some direction or suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or what I should try in order to get this to work on my personal network server.  Thanks...
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If you cannot connect after configuring it I would turn off the firewall.  if that doesn't help then turn it back on.

See your even log to see if any errors show up from the FTP server.
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Unforturnately, the link you provided is specific to IIS 7.0 and Windows 2008 and even includes a disclaimer that the information does NOT apply to IIS 7.5 and Windows 2008 R2.  Also, my event log didn't show any FTP errors.  Being a novice at this (I've never attempted to set up my own FTP server), any information from someone who has done this would really be appreciated....
Sorry about that:

Check your binding to make sure your port is 21 and the IP addresses match your machine.

If port 21 is already used then you might have a conflict.

netstat -b can you show what apps are using what ports on your server.

have you tried to FTP the server from the server?
So you have some remote client sites and you want them to send files to an FTP server that is hosted on your local network?  Do the remote client sites have skilled IT staff that won't blame you when something doesn't work?  If you are not 100% sure of that answer then switch to using SFTP instead of FTP.  SFTP can do all the same stuff except it only requires one port so it is easier on the firewall... so there is less chance you will be involved in some finger-pointing squabble about why the automatic uploads didn't run.

If those sites have existing FTP-based uploads that reliably transfer to the hosted site then maybe it would be best to let those processes keep doing what they are doing and instead you set up something on your network that monitors the same hosted FTP site and downloads any files that change.

In any case, if your FTP server is working you should be able to telnet to port 21 while logged into the local machine and see the FTP welcome banner...  telnet localhost 21
I'm not looking for opinions, I'm looking for solutions.  I've gotten to a point where I can connect to my FTP server, to the point where it will prompt me for a Username.  I'm using Active Directory on my network, and every time I enter "DOMAIN\username" (using a command prompt under Windows), I receive an invalid hostname message and I'm stopped at that point.  I've been searching thru the Internet for solutions (as well as EE...) and I feel like I've made some progress.  The obstacle now, as I see it, is getting "logged into" my own FTP Server (which is turning out to be harder than I ever imagined it would be).
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I eventually found a "step-by-step" document that I was able to use to get my FTP site working like I wanted and I'm also able to use my C-language programs to automate the FTP process for the files that I need to backup from client sites on a daily basis.  The document that helped me the most is located here:

I was only able to find it based on the last URL received in "wrmichael"s comment so, as far as I'm concerned, "wrmichael" provided me with the solution I was looking for.  Thanks!
I always appreciate the assistance I find on EE and this is just another example of it.
I appreciate the recognition and I'm glad you have it figured out!