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How do you block "https" websites from being accessed?

Hi all,

We've set up a content filter on the router that disallows "https" websites from being accessed, but it isn't working. Users are able to visit websites such as Facebook by typing in "https://" before the address. The router is a Cisco rv042 router. Is there any way to block this access?

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Seth Simmons
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did you try blocking port 443 entirely?
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You can either block the known IPS on your firewall/router or can by a web filter device - they are usually now come with most devices as security add ons
i wouldn't block port 443 as this would then block other secure websites.
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we only wish to block Is there any way to do just that?
yes....get there IP of the facebook websites and block traffic to and from in the firewall
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facebook uses several IP addresses. we've tried blocking as many as we could but there are other ways that traffic is flowing.
Why not just setup a content filter? I would use third party product content URL filtering. This kind of product has their own database that can block access based on category (social networking etc), port or even protocol.
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madunix- do you know of any low-cost or free third party product content URL filtering systems for businesses to use?

I know OpenDNS is one, but we are looking for a solution that doesnt require us to forgo our current DNS servers.
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Thank you for that comprehensive list.