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Linq to SQL Ieditable


i have a Suppliers class with Ieditableobject for LinqToSQL.

is this structure of the window is right?
private static dataclassDataContext _dataDC = new OdataclassDataContext();
        ObservableCollection<tbl_Supplier> supplier = new ObservableCollection<tbl_Supplier>();

        public TemplateDataBinding()
            DataContext = supplier;

        private void RadWindow_Loaded_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
                     var allsuppliers =
                     from as in _dataDC.tbl_Suppliers
                            select as;
                             foreach (var i in userDetails)
public tbl_Supplier obj;

private void suppliersdf_CurrentItemChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    obj = ((sender as RadDataForm).CurrentItem as tbl_Supplier);
    Supplier s = new Supplier(obj); // Supplier is the IeditableObject Class

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i am using RadDataForm(suppliersdf that supports IeditableObject and INotifyPropertyChange, i thought that all the logic of the CRUD is done by the Ieditable Object Class, i only need to give it as datacontext.
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