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utuntu cannot access Internet

We got three similar Vista machines.  Two were installed with ubuntu dual-boot (desktop 11.04 64-bit amd64).  We have to swap hard drives between single-boot Vista and one of the dual-boot Viata/ubuntu*.  Now the ubuntu* with a different board (and built-in network card) cannot access to the Internet.  
Additional info:
1. I compare network setting between this problematic ubuntu* with another good ubuntu but cannot find any difference except assigned IP.  Changing ubuntu* setting to DHCP did not help.
2. ubuntu* can still ping other machines.  Itself can be pinged as well.
3. ubuntu* only has one network card.  Its network setting shows eth0 and eth1. ifconfig command on ubuntu* displays eth1 with correct Ethernet HWaddr and presumably correct IP address (fixed or dynamic).
4. ubuntu* eth0 keeps appearing after reboot even if I rename it to a different name such as eth0_ori.  After reboot, network setting shows eth0, eth1 and eth0_ori.
What should I do to make ubuntu* accessing Internet.
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It works with the followings:


auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static