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File not found when clicking link to office web app document from email

We've created a workflow in SharePoint 2010 that emails users when a new announcement is created.  The email contains links to the announcement's attachments so they can be opened directly from the email using Office Web Apps.

When a user clicks the link they receive a SharePoint error, File Not Found.  If the user already has SharePoint open in a browser, to any page, and then clicks the email link, the document is displayed correctly.

Below is the link contained in the email:

The browser is Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10.  The issue isn't specific to clicking the link from an email. Copying the above link into the address bar of Internet Explorer, when SharePoint is not already open, results in the File Not Found Error. This behavior only happens with links to attachments.  Links to normal document library documents work fine.

Attached is the image of the SharePoint error, and ULS logs with the correlationID.  There were no related event logs on the server.
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  Using Fiddler I found that the page request header included a Login Cookie related to our addon, Nintex Workflows.  Disabling the Nintex Workflows site feature fixed the issue.  I'll be working with nintex in the future to figure out why their addon is causing this.