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Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange Questions

I know this is an not the correct forum but am sure someone out there is also a Blackberry expert and we have an urgent requirement to configure the network and ports etc

Referencing the below link for port connection types I have some questions.


1.      presumably these ports are only required to be open between the Admin server and the workstation/laptop/terminal server from which the administrator is working on the servers

2.      Due to security regulations we are having to put each component of BB on a separate network segment, so does the admin need to talk to all of these or just the BES?

3.      Does the SQL server need to talk directly to all other components (MDS and attachment server) or just the BES server?

4.      Does the admin server need to talk to the SQL server, the link above suggests it does and stipulates a lot of ports for Configuration Panel:

5.      Finally, should the Admin Server talk to other servers across the management LAN/interface or the production?

Any comments appreciated.

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BES admin goes over the HTTPS port, there is nothing to install on the workstation you are connecting to. Therefore the only port that has to be open to the workstations is 443/3443 (depending on the port configuration).
Everything else is as per that document, which I think makes everything pretty clear. Usually only Blackberry Router is seperated out, and that needs 3101 to the internet for connection to the Blackberry network. I have never seen Blackberry split out any more than that, and I don't even know if that is a supported configuration.

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