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ALT + C key shortcut making browser windows jump all over screen

My ALT + C key shortcut is making my browser windows jump all over the screen.  I am using ALT + C to close an invoice box quickly.  I have never had an issue with this problem until now.  

Can anyone tell me why the browser windows are jumping after hitting this key combo?

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What program are you using when this happens?  Alt+C has different functions dependent on where you use it.
Generally in early versions of Windows it means Go to Browser's Address Bar. Or did you set it up to do something else?
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I am using a program called Maxwell.  The odd thing is, I used to hit ALT+C and it would close the invoice window.  I am assuming ALT moved me to the menu and C was the hot key for close.  Now when I do that, it will bring minimized windows up on the screen.  Also, after this occurs, I can close maxwell and have other things open like chrome, word, etc.. and if I use ALT + C it will shrink my window the first time, then it will move the box around my screen.  I have contacted Maxwell about this issue and their tech support says they don't use any special short cuts in the program.
Here are the normal shortcut keys for Maxwell.  I do not see Alt+C.
Maybe just do not use Alt+C. .
If no help, can you uninstall and then reinstall Maxwell?
I can do a reinstall.  What I'm wondering is why it continues to move windows around after I use the key combo.  Would that be hard coded into the registry somewhere.  

This is happening on a clients computer, I suggested he didn't use the combo... He told me that's how he's always done it.  So that brought me to lots of googling and coming here.  I will do the reinstall tomorrow and report back.
I completed the reinstall of the Maxwell software.  This did not fix the issue.  I did some more testing with the key combo and figured out more details.

On the invoice window, if you tap ALT then tap C, it will close the invoice.  If you hold ALT and press C at the same time, the windows open on the pc will shrink and move to the left monitor then to the right one after hitting that combo a few times.  So ALT+C when held down gives the problem.  

My client goes through 100's of invoices a day so he holds down ALT then presses R to release the invoice, S to save, then C to close the invoice.  He does all three of those actions without letting go of the ALT key.  

One thing we did think of was that a video card was replaced on his pc around the time that this started.  It's an nvidia card and I can't seem to find any hotkey setup associated with the graphics drivers.  

Thanks for everyone's help on this issue, I look forward to hearing back from you.
Alt+C does different things on different pages.  As my link showed it is not a usual Maxwell shortcut. It is not a usual Windows shortcut.  
Review my comments in http:#a39030385 .
It is not clear from your post whether you still have the jumping problem or if you are describing what happens now.
However, if tapping Alt and then tapping C does the job, then do that instead of holding down Alt followed by clicking C.  

"Everyone" thanks you.
jcimarron -

Just realized you are the only one responding to this question, I thank you for that.

The Maxwell sheet you linked to is for a different software.  This is an accounting package, that appears to be some kind of video editing software.

This is the software provider:

I still have the jumping window problem.  When you press ALT +C together it will move all open windows to one screen, then to the second screen.  They stay there after they move to the second screen.  

That key combination has to be stored somewhere in the OS, the user in the next cube performs the same duties and is able to use the ALT +C combo without any windows moving about.  

I have suggested tapping the keys as that does work.  He isn't having it and has tasked me with fixing this.  So I will continue searching for an answer and please let me know if you have any other ideas.

Thank you jcimarron,

pccbryan --Ask Maxwell for help
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The issue was caused by something completely different than the other suggestions.