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ASP, SQL Loop Question

Team - Good Morning. I'm kind of confused with the asp, sql loop.

Classic ASP, MS SQL 2008

What I have currently:
Have a form in classic asp which captures report details & its frequency (recurrence)
ReportName : ABC
ReportFrequency: Daily
ReportPattern: Weekdays
StartDate: 03/29/2013
EndDate: 03/29/2014

Like daily, users will have options to choose weekly / monthly too & the pattern will change accordingly.

I also have a fiscal calendar table which has actualdate, fiscalweek etc.,

Using this query for "daily" Example:
Select cast(convert(varchar(10), ActualDate ,102) as datetime) AS ActualDate From tblFiscalYearNew Where 
ActualDate Between '03/29/2013' AND '03/29/2014' AND FiscalDayDescription NOT IN ('Saturday','Sunday') Order BY ActualDate ASC

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I am able to get the report instances(dates)

However I am stuck at this step.

Now, I need to use a query / loop to use the rest of the details + each date in a table.
ReportName  ReportDate
ABC                03/29/2013
ABC                04/01/2013

Can someone guide me with a loop query which can save the output to another table pls
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If you are not sure how to create a recordset

Those samples are for using access.  For sql server you need a connection string and your web host can help you determine which to use.

Please let us know which parts you need more help with.