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ntp server

How is the NTP server configured for Windows machines? I have a mixed environment with XP,Windows 7 clients with 2003,2008 server. Its been awhile since I messed with the time server. Some of our clients are getting the wrong time.
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Also anybody know how to find out where a specific client gets there time? Such as a command that will pull back an ip address.
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Start with this article

I have a meeting but I'll be back in 30-60 minutes to answer follow ups


By default all machines in the domain will sync time with the server that holds the PDCe Role.

There are some trouble shooting tools and guides here
Ok I found out what I need. I need to change my NTP server on my PDC. How can I verify what server we are sync'ing to and how would I change it? I know it was w32time command right? Thanks
nmi found it in the article. its w32tm /config /manualpeerlist:timeserver /syncfromflags:manual /reliable:yes /update
but can you tell me how to check an XP machine to see what server they are syncing up to? I saw somewhere that it was in the registry but I didn't see it.
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